• UPMEM’s Euro-Par Minisymposium: Unleash the Power of PIM!: August 29, 2023; Limassol, Cyprus

    Join us at the Euro-Par Minisymposium organized by UPMEM on August 29, 2023, to explore the Applications and Benefits of UPMEM commercial Massively Parallel Processing-In-Memory Platform. Discover how our groundbreaking PIM architecture can accelerate data-intensive applications in genomics, analytics, AI, and more.

    Get insights from academic and industrial experts, learn how to leverage PIM for your projects, and stay ahead of the competition.

    Save the Date: Euro-Par Minisymposium on Applications and Benefits of UPMEM commercial Massively Parallel Processing-In-Memory Platform (ABUMPIMP) Date: August 29, 2023 Location: St. Raphael Resort - Limassol, Cyprus

    For details on the program and speakers, visit: ABUMPIMP 2023 For registration, visit: Euro-Par 2023

  • AACBB 2023: Accelerator Architecture in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics: June 18, 2023; Orlando, FL, United States

    This workshop will focus on architecture and design of hardware accelerators for computational biology and bioinformatics problems. We plan to present and discuss a variety of acceleration techniques, accelerator architectures and their implications on the development of computational biology. This year, we plan to extend the industry angle, by providing a keynote and invited talks from leading industry research specialists.

  • BIO-Arch 2023: Workshop on Hardware Acceleration of Bioinformatics Workloads: April 14, 2023; İstanbul, Turkey

    BIO-Arch is a new forum for presenting and discussing new ideas in accelerating bioinformatics workloads with the co-design of hardware & software and the use of new computer architectures. Our goal is to discuss new system designs tailored for bioinformatics. BIO-Arch aims to bring together researchers in the bioinformatics, computational biology, and computer architecture communities to strengthen the progress in accelerating bioinformatics analysis (e.g., genome analysis) with efficient system designs that include hardware acceleration and software systems tailored for new hardware technologies.